Childeric Bee Earrings

Childeric Bee Earrings


This piece is entirely handcrafted, Please order by October 10th 2020 for Christmas Delivery. 

Handcrafted in sterling silver with 24ct gold Vermeil (Heavy Gold Plating) with fine filigree work and foil backing.

The earrings hold full UK hallmarks and Nicky’s Makers mark of NW

The Bees measure Approximately 16mm x 10 mm plus hook

The earrings can also be made in solid 9ct or 18ct Gold – Please email Nicky for a quote

Available on back-order


These earrings are taken from  Childeric I (Merovingian Dynasty) Bees found in his tomb along with many other treasures.

Some 300 golden winged bees had been placed on the King’s cloak. The treasure went first to the Habsburgs in Vienna, then as a gift to Louis XIV who was not impressed with the treasure and stored it in the royal library. Napoleon was more impressed with Childeric’s Bees and when he was looking for a heraldic symbol to trump the Bourbon Fleur-dy-lys he settled on Childeric’s Bees as symbols of the French Empire.