"Oxwich Brooch" 14th Century

Picture of "Oxwich Brooch" 14th Century
This brooch was commissioned by The National Museum of Wales

. Sterling Silver, 18ct gold plated, Simulated Rubies and natural Iolites.

Measures approximately 2 inches in diameter.

I recreated the brooch in what is considered the original gemstones,(Rubies and Sapphires) as at present the brooch has three Cameos (quiet possibly a later replacement as they are ill fitting).

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16th Century replica Skirt Hook

Picture of 16th Century replica Skirt Hook
Sterling silver skirt hook, commonly used in the early 16th Century.

These hooks were reproduced from a bronze original

Available in Silver or in Silver with 24ct Gold plating

From £10.00 (GBP)

Anglo-Saxon design cufflinks

Picture of Anglo-Saxon design cufflinks
Taken from an Anglo-Saxon ring design,
Handcrafted in sterling silver & 24ct Gold Vermeil with hand cut and polished natural garnets with foil back detail.

They measure 16mm diameter x 14mm.
The cuff links hold full UK Hallmarks and Nicky's makers mark.

This piece is entirely handcrafted please allow 14 days for delivery

£475.00 (GBP)

Pink Tourmaline Lozenge Brooch

Picture of Pink Tourmaline Lozenge Brooch
Inspired by a 1490 original Sterling silver brooch with Baguette Pink Tourmalines, each measuring 7mm x 5mm.

Overall width of brooch is 6.5cm by 5.5cm height.

Also available Cushion cut cabochons in Amethyst or Garnet.

Full British Hallmarks

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Richard III Brooch / Pendant

Picture of Richard III Brooch / Pendant
This design is from the Medieval portrait of Richard III. Handcrafted in sterling silver and 24ct Gold Vermeil, set with hand cut and polished onyx and garnets.
The piece measures 2 inches diameter & comes with a green silk cord or silver and 22ct vermeil belcher chain.
This piece also has fittings to allow it to be sewn on to a hat or attached to a scarf or jacket, and holds full British Hallmarks and Nicky's makers mark

***Available for immediate dispatch***

£225.00 (GBP)

Lozenge Brooch 14th/15th Century

Picture of Lozenge Brooch 14th/15th Century
Lozenge brooch from design of the late 14th early 15th century
Silver 22ct gold plated and Garnet

Also available in Amethyst

Please indicate preference when ordering.

Full British Hallmarks

Images are representative, Artistic variances apply.

This piece is entirely handcrafted therefore dispatch will be between 12th and 19th December 2016

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