"Aquila Vitrix" early 13th Century

Picture of "Aquila Vitrix" early 13th Century
This mantel brooch was commissioned by English Heritage for extensive refurbishment of Dover Castle, Kent.

I recreated the piece in Sterling silver with 18ct gold plating, Amethyst, Garnet, Jade, Aventurine and pearls with a centre Ruby cabochon gemstone.

The brooch measures 9 cm across, has two rings one in side the other and a cross form on the back to hold the rings together.

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"Oxwich Brooch" 14th Century

Picture of "Oxwich Brooch" 14th Century
This brooch was commissioned by The National Museum of Wales

. Sterling Silver, 18ct gold plated, Simulated Rubies and natural Iolites.

Measures approximately 2 inches in diameter.

I recreated the brooch in what is considered the original gemstones,(Rubies and Sapphires) as at present the brooch has three Cameos (quiet possibly a later replacement as they are ill fitting).

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12th Century design Girdle (Dover Castle)

Picture of 12th Century design Girdle (Dover Castle)
This girdle was the second piece that was commissioned for the refurbishment of Dover Castle.

The piece is made with reenforced silk braid, bronze plaques and filigree twist work on Sterling silver, 18ct gold plated & gemset strapends.

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12th Century Reliquary

Picture of 12th Century Reliquary
This is one of my latest commssions completed on 5th March 2012.

This piece is made in Sterling Silver and is 22ct Gold plated. The centre gemstone is a double sided carved Ruby which is surrounded by Jade, Iolites, Rubies and Fresh water pearls. The inside is also set with two pieces of hand cut Rock Quartz which I cut and polished to fit the pendant.

All around the outside and inside the lid I decorated the piece with filigree wire work patterns.

For further images of the piece please view the blog pages.

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1520's Scallop Shell & Handmade Chain

Picture of 1520's Scallop Shell & Handmade Chain
This commission has been long in the making.

Made in Sterling silver, 22ct gold plated, Garnet, Iolite, and 12mm roundish freshwater pearls.

The main body of the piece is created using Repousse and low relief chasing.

The Chain is entirely handmade as well, being 36inches long, each link is 10mm X 2mm X 2mm, each is doubled drilled and handmade silver 10mm rivet pins holding it altogether.

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15th Century Wedding Rings

Picture of 15th Century Wedding Rings
These 9ct gold reproduction bands are divided into panels inscribed in raised lettering CEST MON DECIR (It is my wish) alternating with three open books.

This unusual design illustrates the close connection between love and contemporary literature.

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