I am always happy to receive feed back from customers

Here are some of the wonderful comments to date. Thank you for your continued support

I look forward to creating more unique designs. 


The Roman pear drop pendant and ring have arrived and Herself is expressing extreme delight. The pieces are delightful; apart from being beautiful, they have a feel of antiquity about them that many excellent replicas lack. Many thanks. Richard Keatinge



I can’t speak highly enough about Gemmeus.  The jewelry was absolutely exquisite—very well made and exactly as advertised/pictured on the website.  The pieces are timeless and classic and appeal not only to people interested in historical designs but also to any jewelry lover.  The customer service is also fantastic.  I placed an order for several pieces shortly before Christmas not thinking I would have them in time.  Nicky got back to me right away and was wonderful in terms of answering any questions that I had.  The package was dispatched immediately and made it to the US in time for the holiday. 


Alicia - New York



 "As a society which constantly strives to improve our representation of the Late Middle Ages, we've been extremely impressed with Nicky's research, dedication and skill.

Her work is beautifully-constructed and, where this has been requested, absolutely faithful to the original artefact.

Her large collection of source material has been invaluable and her willingness to 'go the extra mile' in constructing the perfect, accurate recreation, as well as her flexibility and commitment, makes her one of the most respected traders in the current re-enactment and heritage markets."


Sian Hammerton-Fraser


Paladins of Chivalry: Bringing the 14th Century to Life.


I have dealt with Nicky from Gemmeus for a number years. I possess several of her finely made works and from my first initial purchase to my latest commissioned piece I have found Nicky to be a delight to work with.

The knowledge of her subject matter as well as her professional  practice puts her at the forefront of her field, as recognised by museums, professional historical interpreters and national institutions like English Heritage.

Her love of history does not, however, pigeonhole Nicky exclusively to recreating beautiful jewellery from the past: she also does a wide range of unique contemporary jewellery made with the same high standard of quality, care and craftsmanship as her historic replicas.

I would not hesitate to recommend both her and her work to anyone considering purchasing jewellery.

Yours faithfully

Caroline Blake

15th Century Historical Interpreter

Household of St. Michael and St. Gabriel


WOW...... the brooch is fabulous and better than anything I could have imagined, I am absolutely taken aback by how beautiful it is!!! What a fantastic job you've done, I can't wait to wear it at our 1st show in April.


The Order of the Fighting Knights